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Zhengzhou Lijia thermal spray machinery Co., LTD.

Zhengzhou Lijia thermal spray machinery Co., LTD. As the leading enterprise in henan thermal spraying industry, is a professional engaged in research and development of thermal spraying processing and equipment manufacturing company of new and high technology innovation, and the thermal spraying equipment industry well-known brands, the set of customers all over the country, has been accumulated in the thermal spraying industry for nearly 20 years of experience, It is one of the few domestic manufacturers that can produce supersonic spraying equipment. Zhengzhou region is the domestic large thermal spraying base, the company as one of the hot spraying base guide in the country actively led the development of thermal spraying in henan, the company has a group of experienced senior technical staff, including senior engineers, researcher, master's, such as senior engineering and technical personnel, as well as dozens of technicians of surface treatment. Absorbing foreign technology independent research and development new supersonic flame spraying and plasma spraying equipment, made the first development in the international standard of kerosene supersonic flame spraying and plasma spraying equipment, has been widely used in coating industry and coating quality reached the level of similar foreign, domestic and foreign customers consistent high praise.

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