Spraying tungsten carbide coating on the inner hole of pipe to improve wear resistance and corrosion resistance

2021-08-25 16:33:08

At present, we have developed the spraying process and equipment for the inner hole of tungsten carbide with a diameter of more than 100mm. As the core of the supersonic flame inner hole spraying equipment, Lijia-Co., Ltd. uses HV-80D kerosene supersonic flame inner hole spraying gun. The inner hole spray gun adopts the global original design structure, has obtained the national invention patent, patent number: X and continuous design of structural innovation and optimization, the spray gun is today in the world, only using fuel and oxygen combustion of the minimum diameter of supersonic spray gun, gun front end diameter is only 80mm, can be deep within 100mm of the narrow space for spraying operations. At present, it has been successfully used in a variety of industries for small space spraying.

The technology is mainly used for inner hole, hydraulic parts, oil cylinder, the body such as the operation condition of the internal space is narrow, can be achieved by the technology on the inner wall of the inner diameter 100 mm above the spraying hard alloy coating, the coating hardness, vickers hardness above HV1100, wear-resisting, anti-corrosive, high temperature resistance, and other functions, the zhengzhou are under active development; used for smaller hole spraying, Plan in the second half of this year to develop the inner diameter of 80mm less than the hard alloy spraying technology, our company to undertake a large number of internal tungsten carbide spraying business, welcome friends to visit.

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