HV-80-JP has many functions and features, and its advantages are mainly reflected in the following eight aspects

HV-80-JP has many functions and features, and its advantages are mainly reflected in the following eight aspects

  • 01 The fuel is kerosene and the combustion promoter is oxygen, which is a safer combustion mode;
  • 02 The spray gun is designed according to the principle of rocket generator. The pressure of combustion chamber reaches 150PSI, the flame flow velocity reaches more than 2000m/s, and the output power is large and can be adjusted steplessly.
  • 03 The spray gun uses radial powder feeding. This new injection method makes the powder dissolve well and distribute evenly in the whole flame, which improves the covering efficiency and coating quality.
  • 04 In the system design, the temperature is located in a certain range, and to increase the speed is taken as the main objective of structural optimization. The test proved that the coating of the equipment not only has high bonding strength and coating density, but also the surface stress is compressive stress
  • 05 The master control cabinet for HV-80-JP is entirely closed-loop control, modular design, high performance PLC control, safe and simple operation.
  • 06 The particles produced by combustion design at speeds of up to 1100 m/s (3,300-3,900 ft/s), significantly faster than other HVOF systems.
  • 07 Coating thickness is more than 10mm (compressive coating), micro-hardness is higher than any other HVOF system (The micro-hardness of Lijia HV series spray wc-co coating up to 1450, while other HVOF gun spray is only 900 ~ 1100)
  • 08 Lijia HV series achieved excellent high pressure HVOF coating quality, coating can reach 90MPa bonding strength.

Product Parameter

No. Component Characteristic Parameter Note
1 HV-80-JP Control cabinet 1 Firm design, modular layout and high performance imported PLC control  make operation safe and convenient as well as maintenance free.
2 Adopting valve, flow switch, pressure switch and sensor entirely imported from Euroamerica with the same quality of those of Euroamerican equipment;
3 Processing parameters are displayed on panel, clear at a glance;
4 Combustion chamber pressure,  oxygen pressure, oil pressure and water temperature are monitored in real time;
5 Able to be operated by one touch, simple and rapid, with 7 prompts of security monitoring;
6 Core parts are all of imported brands to guarantee stable and accurate running of equipment.
1、Control type:PLC control
2、Input power:5000W
3.Kerosene pressure/flow:1.2Mpa  0~60L/h
4.Oxygen pressure/flow:1.6Mpa 0~40m/h
5.Carrier gas pressure/flow:0.1~0.3Mpa  3~15L/min
6.Main parts origin: Germany, the United States, Japan, Italy
Component Item Parameter Size/weight
HV-80 Flame speed 2000m/s 420x130x85mm
Flame temperature 3000℃
Spray rate 13.2kg/h
Speed of powder particles 1100m/s
High velocity
Coating porosity ≤1%
flame spray gun 6.5kg
Bonding strength of coating >90Mpa
Powder granularity of spraying coating 10~45μm
Cooling way Water-cooling
Flow of cooling water 2.3m³/h
No. Component Item Parameter Note
1 D-3000 Powder feeder
  1. 1.The powder feeder is a high precision powder feeding mechanism which outputs via metering panel, uses patented feeding valve, with powder evenly output, having higher precision compared with the conveying modes of scraper type, screw and vibration, etc.;
  2. 2.Adopting small-flow nitrogen or argon gas as feeding gas, which, together with powder that arrives at powder outlet with rotation of feeding panel on the bottom, enters the spray gun, to save more gas than traditional mesohigh powder feeder.
  3. 3.Compared with the traditional double barrel type powder feeder, the metering disc type powder feeder is more fine and the powder particle size range is wider.
  4. 4.Metering panel feeder is finer than traditional dual-barrel feeder and scope of powder particle size is wider. The internationally ultromodern inclined structure is adopted to facilitate cleaning powder by overturning the barrel to pour out powder using 3 seconds.
  1. 1.Feeding mode:metering panel
2.Cleaning method: barrel body turnover
3.Powder drying function: built-in heater
4.Powder cylinder mode: single cylinder type
5.self-cleaning function: yes
6.Volume of powder storing barrel:3.5L
7.Feeding gas: Nitrogen,argon
8.Pressure of feeding gas: 0.15-0.3Mpa
9.The carrier gas flow rate:0~15L/min
10.Feeding speed:0~220g/min
11.Feeding precision:±1%
12.Powder size :5~150μm

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