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2021-09-08 16:19:35

The company’s metal parts repair (re) manufacturing center is a set of mechanical processing, metal parts repair (re) manufacturing, metal surface modification, engine high pressure oil pump testing and repair school, industrial and mining trade in one of the entity enterprises.

The company’s existing equipment processing workshop is equipped with vertical milling and boring machine, valve seat boring machine, vertical inner hole honing machine, vertical machine tool, dynamic balancing machine, horizontal boring machine. Horizontal heavy duty machine tools, 1-5 meters cylindrical grinder, 1.6 meters machining center, large surface grinder, crankshaft grinder and other equipment. The surface engineering workshop is equipped with 6000w CO2 laser cladding and quenching CNC equipment, complete sets of sandblasting supersonic spraying equipment, brush plating, automatic submerged arc welding, cold welding metal surface patch, metal material soft nitriding equipment, metal adhesive technology and other equipment and facilities. The physical and chemical testing room has hardness tester, ultrasonic flaw detector, metallographic analyzer, parts defect contrast, complete Bosch high pressure common rail oil pump nozzle testing equipment, complete set of high-speed rotating parts balance testing equipment. Special to solve all kinds of construction machinery, automobile, ship, metallurgy, mining, mechanical and electrical, printing, paper and other mechanical metal parts wear, damage, corrosion, processing out of deformation, no damage, no stress, repair manufacturing problems.

Business project

(1) processing and repair of all kinds of cylinder, box and bore, repair of engine assembly.

(2) repair, remanufacturing and recycling of all kinds of straight shaft, crankshaft, roller and iron wheel.

(3) repair and remanufacture of various engineering machinery, automobile gearbox, torque converter, engine and bridge.

(4) all kinds of hydraulic valve body, plunger chrome plating, grinding, processing repair.

(5) all kinds of piston rod, oil cylinder spraying repair.

(6) surface treatment of various metal parts (sandblasting, ultrasonic cleaning, anti-corrosion, wear resistance and other engineering).

(7) The use of cold welding and patch technology, door-to-door maintenance of all kinds of large machine tools, mechanical wear, corrosion, scratches and cracks leakage, etc.

(8) heat treatment of various workpiece (gas soft nitriding).

(9) Undertake all kinds of metal parts maintenance, processing, remanufacturing.

(10) Refrigerated assembly of small precision parts.

(11) Undertake machinery processing outsourcing business.

(12) To undertake non-standard equipment production.

The company comprehensively inspected all the domestic manufacturers of supersonic spraying equipment, zhengzhou Lijia won the order of the company with excellent quality and intimate service, and successfully signed the contract and installed in early 2016.

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