Our company undertake a variety of spraying processing and mechanical processing business, thermal spraying technical force, thermal spraying coating design and coating processing, supersonic flame spraying equipment supporting experience, novel ideas, can solve some key problems related to thermal spraying applications. Our company has a number of multi-functional spraying room, equipped with a variety of mechanical arms, all kinds of tooling complete, can ensure good coating quality. Our company is also equipped with lathes, milling machines, drilling machines and universal grinding machines can undertake all kinds of mechanical processing business and coating surface treatment business, perennial development of tungsten carbide spraying, stainless steel spraying, ball valve spraying, drawing wheel spraying, piston rod spraying, impeller spraying, roller spraying, anti-corrosion and other products. Our company’s purpose is: to create world-class technology and equipment, to provide customers with high quality and quality service, honesty, innovation and progress. Actively accept users’ valuable opinions on equipment use and coating process. Dedicated to domestic and foreign users from all walks of life to provide quality service!

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