Wear resistant coating for valves

In recent years, with the rapid development of China’s petrochemical industry, China’s self-made and imported large sets of equipment to increase, and its supporting valve demand increased sharply.


In recent years, with the rapid development of China's petrochemical industry, China's self-made and imported large sets of equipment to increase, and its supporting valve demand increased sharply. Valves are the main components in industrial piping. Whether it is good or bad and whether the choice is reasonable. It is very important for the safe and economical operation of the industrial pipeline system. Because the pipe conveying mind is different. The function of various valves is not the same, so there are many kinds of valves.

Scour corrosion wear is a metal damage phenomenon caused by the high-speed relative movement between metal surface and corrosive fluid. It is the result of the interaction between scour corrosion and wear of materials. Metal parts in contact with corrosive media are subjected to severe scour corrosion wear of liquid-solid two-phase flow, leading to component failure or equipment scrapes. We usually use the domestic valve in use process may be long in the acid, alkali, salt and sediment state of medium or high temperature corrosion, withstand strong corrosion and scouring, at the same time there are density than the pressure under the action of the seal between the friction and wear, its are harsh working environment, causing the untight seal leakage flow, the leakage flow serious when, in turn, increase wear and tear, It creates a vicious cycle in which wear and leakage negatively affect each other. In this kind of scouring and corrosion interaction under the condition of work, the existing domestic wear-resistant valve service life is low, poor sealing, resulting in frequent replacement, domestic valve service life is generally 3-6 months, which will cause great losses to the factory production. This not only wastes a lot of manpower and material resources, but also causes greater economic losses in the process of downtime. Therefore, more times in the key parts we have to use imported wear-resistant valves, although the life of imported wear-resistant valves is generally only 2-3 times that of domestic wear-resistant valves, but the price is far higher than domestic wear-resistant valves.

Our company and foreign enterprises all the year round to maintain the valve technology communication and exchange, so in the wear-resistant valve spraying wear-resistant corrosion resistant technology has a mature technical scheme, can help customers to achieve mass processing of various types of wear-resistant valve long life coating.

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