Wear-resistant coating for corrugated rolls

First, the performance index of supersonic flame spraying tungsten carbide


First, the performance index of supersonic flame spraying tungsten carbide

Hardness:    HRC70~80

Bonding strength:    ≥90MPa

High temperature resistance:    above 1200℃

Surface roughness:    Ra0.2

trong corrosion resistance, not easy to deform

Coating thickness:    0.04mm~0.1mm

Straightness:    0.015mm-1000mm

Application of supersonic flame spraying tungsten carbide in corrugated roller

The application of thermal spraying tungsten carbide in corrugated roller

    • A new corrugated roller spraying tungsten carbide
    • B Change old corrugated roll into tungsten carbide corrugated roll The coating thickness of the new tungsten carbide corrugated roll is 0.05-0.1mm. When the coating is reduced after long-term use and cannot be produced, we will remove the residual tungsten carbide for you to repair. The diameter of the corrugated roll is almost unchanged.

Adding process of tungsten carbide corrugating roll

Tungsten carbide corrugated roll process, unlike traditional corrugated roller, before the first matrix hardness, heat treatment before spraying the shape accuracy is higher, must be finished on the fully automatic CNC grinding, followed by spraying technology is the key, to ensure the hardness of tungsten carbide binding force and the quality of the polishing processing, after the hard part is after spraying, polishing technology, processing of the corrugated roller is different from general workpiece, Its unique tooth shape and high surface hardness (such as diamond) of tungsten carbide, traditional ordinary grinding wheel can not be carried out. → grinding tooth → (medium frequency quenching) → sandblasting → preheating → base → spraying tungsten carbide (thickness 0.05 ~ 0.06㎜) → polishing - life 20 ~ 50 million running meters;

The advantages of tungsten carbide corrugated roller

  • A the life of tungsten carbide corrugated roll is 3 ~ 6 times longer than that of the general corrugated roll.
  • B Generally, the corrugating roller tooth height changes greatly, and the quality of the cardboard is unstable. When the new roller is rolled, the gap between the core paper and the rubber roller should be 0.1mm ~ 0.2mm. However, when the corrugating roller is worn by 0.1mm, the gap will expand, resulting in too much glue and too much water, which will make the cardboard soft and easy to warp; Tungsten carbide corrugated roll tooth high change is small and long, the quality of the paper pull is flat and stable.
  • C general corrugated roll in the middle of the wear too much, become concave, can not be produced wide cardboard, waste paper, because both ends will be crushed or middle of the paste (degumming bubble), at this time you have to grind both ends of the roller, in order to walk the wide cardboard, maintain the life of the corrugated roll; Tungsten carbide corrugated roller because of wear resistance, there is no narrow paper and then go wide paper problems.
  • D the general corrugated roll because of wear fast, so the original design of high teeth (large corrugant rate), to ensure life; Because of the wear-resisting tungsten carbide corrugated roll, it is designed from the beginning with low tooth height (small corrugant rate) and long life.
  • E the general corrugated roll can not use V-shaped, because if the top of the corrugant is small, it will soon be worn, the cardboard will be more and more soft; Tungsten carbide corrugated rolls do not have this problem because of wear resistance.
  • F general corrugated roller tooth top wear fast and much, after repair the diameter is much smaller; The diameter of tungsten carbide corrugated roller is almost unchanged after repair because of wear resistance and wear and less. And the most important is: the tungsten carbide corrugant roll in the whole roll life, its corrugant height is almost constant.

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