Porous nickel screen plasma spraying system for hydrogen machine electrolyzer

LBP-100S has many functions and features, and its advantages are mainly reflected in the following aspects

Electrolytic water hydrogen production technology is currently an important means of industrial hydrogen production, in order to improve the adsorption surface area of nickel mesh, spray nickel aluminum alloy on the surface of nickel mesh, with concentrated sodium hydroxide solution reaction, most of the aluminum will dissolve, and leave a lot of pores, so that the surface of the nickel mesh presents a porous structure, adsorption surface area greatly increased, thus bringing higher catalytic activity, improve hydrogen production efficiency, We produce and provide nickel mesh spraying equipment, automatic production line, as well as a full range of technical support, Compared with semi-automatic control equipment, automatic plasma spraying equipment has obvious advantages in the following aspects:

  • 01 Plasma spraying system can spray almost all thermal spraying powder, wide application field.;
  • 02 The control system adopts the mass flow controller imported from Germany, which has a very high control precision for all kinds of gases. The semi-automatic control system adopts manual control, the pressure fluctuation of the equipment will affect the fluctuation of the flow.
  • 03 The system is controlled by Mitsubishi PLC and touch screen. As long as the user sets the required parameters and then confirms the startup, the system will automatically adjust the required parameters. During the spraying process, the system will collect the parameters of the spraying process in real time, analyze and judge the parameters, to ensure the stability of the spraying operation, and play a role in protecting the power spray gun;
  • 04 4) Plasma power part adopts 80KW German Infineon inverter power module for control, the exclusive use of optical fiber and PLC communication, greatly improve the stability of the power supply, control power voltage fluctuation plus or minus 1V, current plus or minus 1A. This scheme includes Lika LBP100S automatic plasma spraying system and automatic spraying production line integration system. The robot is used to scan the plane layer by layer, and the plasma spraying equipment is used to carry out continuous and uninterrupted spraying processing of nickel mesh on the platform in turn. Ensure that the spraying equipment scheme provided meets the customer's processing requirements and efficiency of nickel-aluminum coating of nickel mesh. According to the processing efficiency of nickel-aluminum spraying of nickel mesh up to 300 square meters per day (maximum 9000 square meters per month), the coating shall meet the coating thickness of no less than 0.15mm. After spraying, the weight of nickel mesh shall be increased by 240g/㎡-300g/㎡. The line also enables the use of plasma spraying equipment to spray various metal and ceramic materials.

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