Inner hole spraying equipment

HV-8000H has many functions and features, and its advantages are mainly reflected in the following ten aspects

HV-8000H has many functions and features, and its advantages are mainly reflected in the following ten aspects:

  • 01 Touch screen operation, equipment design structure adopts full closed loop automatic control structure, gas is controlled by mass flow controller, and flow can be monitored in real time to automatically reach the process setting value.
  • 02 The fuel used is kerosene, and the combustion promoter is oxygen, which is the safest combustion mode in the current market models;
  • 03 The spray gun structure is designed according to the principle of rocket generator. The maximum pressure of the combustion chamber reaches 150PSI, the flame flow velocity reaches more than 2000m/s, and the output power is large and can be adjusted steplessly;
  • 04 The spray gun adopts radial powder feeding. This new injection method makes the powder dissolve well and distribute evenly in the whole flame, improving the coverage efficiency and coating quality;
  • 05 With the function of storing and calling process formulas, parameters can be added, modified, saved up to 8000 groups of process parameters, and can be called at any time.
  • 06 In the system design, the temperature range is located in a certain range, and the main objective of structural optimization is to improve the speed; The test proves that the coating of the equipment has not only high bonding strength and coating density, but also compressive surface stress;
  • 07 The fuel flow of the system adopts full closed loop design, modular design, high-performance PLC control, safe and simple operation;
  • 08 The particle velocity generated by combustion design reaches 1100 m/s (3300 to 3900 fps), which is significantly faster than other HVOF systems;
  • 09 The thickness of spraying layer is greater than 10mm (compressive stress coating), and the microhardness is higher than that of any other HVOF system (the microhardness of HV-80 sprayed WC Co coating is up to 1450, while that of other gas HVOF spray gun sprayed WC Co coating is only 900~1100);
  • 10 HV-8000H achieves excellent high pressure HVOF coating quality, and the coating can achieve a bonding strength of 90MPa.

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