HD-8000 equipment panel Settings are very intuitive and scientific, all kinds of common operations, information display and fault alarm are available, and very in line with the user’s operating habits, simple to use, stable quality.

HD-8000 has many functions and features, and its advantages are mainly reflected in the following eight aspects

  • 01 The fuel used is kerosene and the accelerant is oxygen, which is the safest combustion mode among current market models;
  • 02 TThe structure of the spray gun is designed according to the principle of the rocket generator, the maximum pressure of the combustion chamber is 150PSI, the flame flow speed is above 2000m/s, and the output power is large and can be stepless adjustment;
  • 03 Spray gun adopts radial powder feeding, this new injection method makes the powder can be better dissolved and evenly distributed in the whole flame, improve the covering efficiency and the quality of the coating;
  • 04 The temperature range is located in a certain range in the system design, and speed improvement is taken as the main objective of structural optimization; The test proves that the coating of the equipment is not only high bonding strength, high coating density, but also the surface stress is compressive stress;
  • 05 The system fuel flow adopts full closed-loop design, modular design, high-performance PLC control, safe and simple operation;
  • 06 The combustion design produces particle speeds of 1100 m/s (3300 to 3900 ft/s), significantly faster than other HVOF systems;
  • 07 The coating thickness is greater than 10mm (compressive stress coating), and the microhardness is higher than that of any other HVOF system (HV-80 type spraying WC-CO coating microhardness is as high as 1450, while other gas HVOF gun spraying WC-Co coating microhardness is only 900 ~ 1100);
  • 08 HV-80 achieves excellent high pressure HVOF coating quality, the coating can reach bonding strength of 90MPa.

Technical parameters of HV-80S supersonic flame spray gun

No Item Characteristics Parameter Note
1 HV-80S spray gun 1. Use patented kerosene physicochemical nozzle and combustion chamber, combustion is complete, no carbon accumulation;
2. The flame flow speed is stable and higher than other brands, forming a more powerful jet force;
3. Use aviation grade kerosene as fuel, oxygen as combustion gas, high combustion temperature, through the Laval tube effect to produce 7 times supersonic flame flow.
4. With a unique double-channel waterway design, it is fully cooled and can work continuously for 24 hours.
1, Flame speed :2000m/s
2, Flame temperature :3000℃
3, Spraying rate: 0-9.6kg/h (tungsten carbide)
4, Powder particle speed: 1100m/s
5, Coating porosity :≤1%
6, Coating bonding strength :≥70Mpa
7, Spray powder particle size :-30+5μm, -38+10μm, -45+15μm
8. Cooling method: water cooling
9, Cooling water flow: 2.3m³/h
10, Size and weight: 410*80*110mm, 4.5kg

Technical parameters of HD-8000 supersonic flame spraying main control cabinet

No Item Characteristics Parameter Note
1 HD-8000 Supersonic flame spraying control cabinet 1. Strong design, modular layout, high-performance PLC control
2. Safe and simple operation, free from maintenance;
3. Europe and the United States all imported valves, pressure switches, flow switches, sensors, the quality is the same as Europe and the United States equipment.
4. The process parameters are clear on the panel;
5. One-click operation can realize semi-automatic and real-time detection of the spraying process,
6.alarm prompts, and can respond immediately to system failures.
1, Input power:AC380/3P/50Hz±5%
2, input power: 5KW
3. Control type:Float flowmeter +PLC+ touch screen control
4. Kerosene pressure: 1.2Mpa
5. Kerosene flow rate:0~12GPH
6, oxygen pressure: 1.6Mpa
7, oxygen flow:0~2300SCFH
8, carrier gas pressure: 0.1~1.2Mpa
9, carrier gas flow: 3~15L/min
10, the main parts of origin: Germany, the United States, Japan, Italy
11. Size and weight:810*800*1950mm, 185kg

Technical specifications of D-3000 powder feeder

Item Characteristics Parameter Note
1 D-3000 supersonic flame spraying powder feeder 1. The powder feeder is a high-precision powder feeding mechanism output by the metering plate, the powder output is uniform, and the conveyor has higher accuracy than the scraper, screw and vibration.
2. Small flow of nitrogen or argon is used as powder feed gas. The powder arrives at the powder outlet with the rotation of the bottom powder feed pan and enters the spray gun together with the powder feed gas, saving more gas than the traditional medium and high pressure powder feed.
3. The metering tray powder feeder is finer than the traditional two-barrel powder feeder, and the powder particle size range is wider.
4, the use of the latest international inclined structure, easy to clean the powder, only 3 seconds can turn the barrel body pour out the powder
1, Input power:AC220/2P/50Hz±5%
2, Input power: 0.5KW
3. Powder delivery method: metering tray
4, cleaning method: bucket body flip type
5, powder drying function: heater (optional)
6, powder cylinder mode: single cylinder type
7, self-cleaning function: Yes
8. Volume of powder storage cylinder :3.5L
9, powder gas: nitrogen or argon
10. Powder gas pressure :0.15-0.3Mpa
11, carrier gas flow: 3~15L/min
12. Powder feeding speed :10-220g/min
13, powder delivery accuracy :±1%
14, powder size :5-150μm
15. Size and weight:750*390*1240mm, 75kg

Technical index of KM-80 oil pump storage tube

No. Item Characteristics Parameter Note
1 Oil pump storage system For the equipment storage and transport of aviation kerosene equipment, the use of South Korea imported motor, Taiwan constant pressure oil pump, after hundreds of customers to verify the use, stable and reliable, than other manufacturers used pulse diaphragm pump has a more stable pressure and flow, the flame flow is very stable. 1, Input power:C380/3P/50Hz±5%
2. Input power: 1.5KW
3. Volume 200L
4, kerosene management: circulation transport + stable oil pressure (1.3MPa)
5, supporting the inlet and outlet oil pipes
6, oil pump motor and oil pump head adopt all imported brands
7. Size and weight:805*510*455mm, 75kg

Technical specifications of DX-30AD cold water system

No. Item Characteristics Parameter Note
1 Cold water system The spray gun is cooled by the chiller, which can ensure the stable operation of the spray gun for a long time to obtain the best coating. Provide more safety protection: compressor overheat protection, overcurrent protection, high and low pressure protection, overtemperature protection, flow protection, phase sequence/phase loss protection, exhaust overheat protection, antifreeze protection. 1, Input power:AC380/3P/50Hz±5%
2, input power: 33.7KW
3. Standard cooling capacity: 89.81KW
4, refrigerant: R22
5, condenser: fin type
6, evaporator: shell and tube type
7, freezing water 15.75m ³/h
8, water pump power: 2.2KW
9, pump pressure: 0.9Mpa
10. Size and weight:2100*1150*1820mm, 880kg

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