Application of thermal spraying in wire drawing field of electrician

2021-09-14 10:45:36

The drawing force of the reel is improved in the drawing process. The transfer of force between the reel and the steel wire depends on the friction between the outside of the reel and the steel wire. The friction of the reel produces wear. When the surface of the reel contacts with the steel wire, it bears the high pressure of the steel wire drawing on the surface under the dry friction state of water shortage and lubrication, as well as the large amount of drawing heat brought by the steel wire. Therefore, the reel is a vulnerable part that bears high temperature and high wear.

The surface wear of reel directly affects the quality of steel wire, and the excessive wear leads to the increase of production cost and the decrease of production efficiency. According to the base material, the drum can be divided into cast iron, cast steel, low carbon steel, medium and high carbon forged steel, medium carbon steel, etc. Different substrate materials, using their own surface treatment, will appear different wear patterns.

The wear resistance of the drum depends on the hardness of the surface coating and also on the strength and hardness of the substrate. The cast iron rolls with poor shear strength, wear resistance and adhesive wear of the above 5 matrices are poor. Low carbon steel drum with soft base material has poor resistance to plastic deformation. And the high strength and hardness of the high carbon steel roller wear resistance is obviously better, especially after the secondary surface hardening and surface coating treatment of the carbon steel roller wear better, the reel in a long-term low wear state.

The surface of the drawing tower wheel, drawing machine, drawing wheel, wire wheel, drawing cylinder, rewinding reel, guide groove and other parts can be sprayed with nickel-based alloy or ceramic coating by thermal spraying process, so that the surface hardness can reach HRc75, which is far higher than that of abrasive steel or cold cast iron. The matrix of these parts can also be made of ordinary steel or cast iron, which reduces the cost and prolongs the service life.

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