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With the development of domestic environmental protection industry in recent years, the new energy industry has made great progress.


With the development of domestic environmental protection industry in recent years, the new energy industry has made great progress. As a kind of energy saving and environmental protection material, lithium battery has been widely used in electric vehicles, electric vehicles, aerospace and other fields. In order to improve the quality of lithium battery in the production process, it is necessary to use the corresponding vibrating screening equipment. So what screening equipment are used in the production process of lithium battery industry?

Generally, lithium batteries use manganese dioxide as the cathode material, lithium metal or its alloy metal as the cathode material, and use non-water electrolyte solution. Lithium battery materials can be divided into cathode materials and cathode materials, cathode materials are mainly used lithium iron phosphate, cathode materials are mainly used graphite, new research found that titanate may be a better material. So the different materials used in the lithium battery shaker are not the same.

    • 01 Cathode material shaker: because lithium iron phosphate is mostly granular, the screening equipment used in the screening process is a three-dimensional shaker. This series of vibrating screen is the use of vertical explosion-proof vibration motor, motor on both ends are installed with eccentric weight, the motor rotation movement into horizontal, vertical, tilt of the three dimensional movement, and then the movement transferred to the screen surface to achieve classification, impurity removal. Specific to the cathode material needs the whole machine 304 stainless steel material, the design should be closed, the inlet and outlet should be designed to connect the automatic feeding and receiving device. This series of equipment has the characteristics of small volume, low energy consumption, easy to move, good closing performance and high safety performance.
    • 02 Negative material vibrating screen: above we have mentioned that the use of more negative material for graphite powder, the material is a high fineness of the material, ordinary screening equipment production will appear blocking network, dust and other problems, for this type of material is recommended to use ultrasonic vibrating screen for production work. This type of vibrating screen is a new type of screening equipment specially designed and produced for high precision materials. The principle is that the equipment is doing the original three-dimensional movement at the same time the screen surface receives a high frequency and low amplitude ultrasonic vibration wave from the ultrasonic screening system, so that the material is suspended at low level in the screen surface to achieve the effect of screening high fine materials. This series of vibrating screen can effectively solve the material blocking network, sticky network, adsorption, drama, static electricity, light gravity and other screening problems, is the ideal screening equipment for new energy materials.
    • 03 Vacuum feeding system: Vacuum feeding system is a powder conveying equipment that uses vacuum generating facilities to produce negative pressure air flow formed by high vacuum and transport particles and powder materials. The pressure difference between vacuum and environmental space is used to form gas flow in the pipeline and drive the movement of powder materials, so as to complete the conveying of powder. Vacuum feeding system is mainly composed of vacuum pump, vacuum unit, catheter, vacuum valve and so on. In the production process of lithium battery industry, the use of vacuum feeding system with vibrating screen can effectively avoid the escape of dust and the safety of the production environment.

In the process of vibrating screen and material contact, it is easy to produce wear and tear, and the service life of equipment is short. After the use of supersonic spraying tungsten carbide coating, the wear resistance is significantly improved by about 5 times, the service time is extended and has the effect of iron ion in the isolation equipment, which not only extends the service life, but also improves the purity of the cathode material powder. It has been widely used in the cathode material industry of lithium battery.

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