Our intelligent equipment has successfully passed the national “Dual-software certification”.

2017-12-22 16:35:40

Warmly congratulate my company to obtain the henan province software association issued by the double software certification certificate “software enterprise certification” and “software product registration certificate”.

On December 15, 2017 software services association of henan province, zhengzhou city, zhengzhou city development and reform commission of science and technology innovation committee, the state administration of taxation and local taxation bureau of zhengzhou city, zhengzhou city, zhengzhou city, the software industry association decided that joint approval of the People’s Republic of China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology software services company formally put on record announcement, Successfully passed the “Dual-software Enterprise Certification” and officially became the “Dual-software Enterprise”, the “Software Enterprise Certification” (Certificate No. : YULRQ-2017-0538) and the “Software Product Registration Certificate” (Certificate No. : YulRC-2017-0489).

“Dual-software enterprises” refer to the enterprises that have passed the recognition of software enterprises and registered software products. Both the recognized dual-software enterprises and the registered software products can enjoy relevant preferential tax policies. The purpose is to promote the development of China’s software industry and enhance the innovation ability and international competitiveness of the information industry. To further promote the sustainable, rapid and healthy development of the national economy and the establishment of the certification system. Software enterprises that have passed the certification enjoy a large range of preferential treatment in investment and financing, taxation, industrial technology, export, income distribution, talent attraction and training and intellectual property protection.

Zhengzhou Lijia thermal spraying machinery Co., Ltd. successfully passed the “double soft enterprise” certification, is a great encouragement to my company, on the one hand, fully affirmed my company for many years in the intelligent equipment software development work of unremitting efforts, encourage the company to continue to accelerate the pace of intelligent thermal spraying equipment; On the other hand also shows that we are in the aspects of specification or business operation and a new step, fully demonstrated the company equipment intellectualized degree is high, the development of software products, technical services technical force level again on a new step, also shows that we have the government, industry and customer recognition, this is our historical performance affirmation, but a big push of future work, Companies can use tax incentives to increase investment in RESEARCH and development, in order to achieve greater development, so as to carry out better business.

The success of “Dual-software certification” has enhanced our company’s attraction to talents and various resources, and improved our brand image, thus providing good conditions and environment for our company’s rapid development in the future, making us full of confidence in the future development prospects. Promote us in technology, sales, production and after-sales efforts to a higher level. We will continue to strive toward the “customer and enterprise win-win, enterprise and employee win-win” business philosophy! To provide new and old customers with more professional, more practical products and services.

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